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I am an entrepreneur and freelancer with several areas of practice:

     • Life Coaching

     • Fitness Training

     • Clinical Massage Therapy

     • Book Publishing

     • Digital Media Publishing and Marketing

     • Web Design

Here's the really short version of how these areas came to be connected. . .

In a mid-life career change, I pursued a passion for wellness and became licensed as a clinical massage therapist.

As I supported clients in their injury and illness recovery, I became interested in more preventive approaches to wellness, and certified as a personal fitness trainer and behavior-change coach.

Through establishing my private practice in the digital space, I found I enjoy and have a knack for all things digital that support running a business. I also reconnected with my passion for writing and began publishing my books and online courses.

In the past couple years people have increasingly approached me to help them publish and market their original content online and in print, which I find very gratifying.

Anyway, that's the short version. I'm much more interested in YOUR story.

The world needs your message and gifts. What do you want to share?

The body is innately strong and energetic, the mind sane and clear, the spirit balanced and connected.

Yet at times we have pain in the body, confusion in the mind, and malaise of the spirit.

We experience rigidity where there was originally flexibility, contraction where there was originally expansion.

I work in several modalities to facilitate a return to well-being, and to awaken the body’s innate healing capacity. It is my experience that true healing comes from within when impediments to healing fall away. My role is to help identify and assist with removing these obstacles.

My approach is eclectic. While I may be working primarily as a massage therapist, fitness trainer, or personal coach with a client, I may shift between these roles based on the needs of the client and the issues that arise.

I am also the founder of Easing In Fitness—a method for removing obstacles to getting started and sticking with any fitness plan.

Let me know if you seek. . .

     • Better habits to support your health and wellness.

     • Clarity about what you want.

     • Movement on something you have been wanting to do for a long time, but can’t seem to start.

     • More meaningful work and career.

     • A more active lifestyle.

     • A way to integrate exercise into your impossibly busy schedule.

     • Fitness activities within your comfort range if you have injuries or physical limitations.

     • The next step for challenging your physical capabilities if you are already fairly active.

     • Recovery from a recent injury, or a past injury that is slow to heal.

     • Relief from a chronic health condition or disorder.

     • Unwinding of tension held in the body due to stress and life challenges.

What message do you have to share?

What teaching can you offer to improve and grow lives and livelihoods?

What is your undiscovered genius?

I've developed a process for guiding others through shaping their message and content into printed and online media. I can help you define, refine, organize, design, print, and publish your book, eBook, audio book, online course, online membership program, or website.

And I can help you design an online business structure for delivering your offerings to those most in need of them.

I'm fluent in the use of multiple eCommerce platforms, and work with a wildly talented team of designers, editors, and strategists to sculpt your message into a viable and deliverable online business.

Move from the one-to-one model of service to one-to-many.

Share your genius.

Once you have established your message and medium, how do you find and reach your tribe?

With the entire world as your marketplace, it is possible to directly communicate with those who are actively seeking your gifts and solutions.

You hold the answer to their needs, hopes, and dreams. They are waiting for you.

I can help you build the marketing strategy, campaigns, and automation for connecting with them.

I'm fluent in the tools of direct-response marketing, including ad copy writing, email automation, eCommerce automation, and sales funnel design and implemention on multiple platforms.

Find your tribe.

I offer complimentary introductory assessment sessions in-person or via Skype or phone. Let’s discuss what you want to accomplish. If we find that you may be better served by other practitioners or modalities, I am happy to provide suggestions and referrals.

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Current licenses, certifications, and diplomas:

• Licensed Massage Therapist in Ohio

• ACSM Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (CPT)

• Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

• Graduate SHI Medical Massage and Chinese Medicine School, Lebanon OH

• B.A. Psychology, Michigan State University

Previous licenses, certifications, and experience:

• Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB)

• Licensed Massage Therapist in Kentucky

• Clinical Internship at Cincinnati V.A. Hospital Chronic Pain Clinic

• Fortune 500 Executive Management and Human Resources experience

• ATD Presentation and Facilitation Training

• Training in Alexander Technique, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki