Delmar Davis

As a wellness coach, I help people remove the obstacles to a fit and healthy lifestyle so that they may be, do, have, and enjoy what is most important and precious to them.

As a marketing coach, I help Thought Leaders, Authors, and Consultants attract more ideal clients without more products, services, or marketing hustle so that they may do more of what they love and less other stuff.

Hello and Welcome!

If you found your way here, you may be looking for the former page for my massage therapy and wellness services.

Or maybe you were looking for me for some other reason and this site came up in the search.

Regardless, I'm keeping this page alive to redirect your inquiry appropriately.

I'm no longer taking new clients as a massage therapist and bodyworker, although I still see folks from time to time for individual wellness coaching, typically via video conference.

The focus of my wellness practice is now my End the Fight to Get Fit approach, which is a method for identifying and removing whatever is getting in the way of our doing what we know we should be doing for our good health and happiness. For more info, click this link...

I've also amassed a bunch of hard-won experience and collected certifications in digital marketing and personal branding in the past decade, so I do consulting for Thought Leaders, Authors, and Consultants looking for help in getting their good work out in the world. More info, click here...

My best to you, and thanks so much for stopping by!


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